Animal Crackers
Awareness: recognizing the small little wonders in our lives.

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Animal Crackers

I had volunteered for an activity at Arapaho U.M.C church and I was responsible for setting up the “Kid’s Table” for the JFON Clinic.  I had everything from coloring book pages, crayons, building blocks, and a giant Mr. Potato Head. I also brought a big jar of “Animal Crackers!”  I haven’t eaten any animal Crackers in years; decades! During the clinic I opened up the jar of animal crackers and began to snack upon them.  To my surprise I realized that you always inspect your animal cracker to see what type of animal you were eating! Later I discovered that some of the animals were more coveted than others.  There were plenty of donkeys and bears, cows and cats, but elephants and camels were more recluse.  It’s strange but even as an adult at 61, finding the treasured elephant or camel brought about much satisfaction. Oh to think like a little child again; to take so much pleasure from something so small.

As children we often took pleasure in the “small things.”  It is a great loss and is too bad that as adults we lose sight of the small, little things in life. These small little wonders add so much to life.

NOT knowing what type of Animal Cracker

That you are eating

Is NOT proper

Animal Cracker Eating Etiquette!

Some of the greatest marvels when we were children were small:

·         Toy soldiers, cars, trains, and dolls.

·         Inchworms, butterflies, and grasshoppers.

·         Dandelion flowers and their white snowy cotton balls of seeds.

Yes as a child we pay close attention to our food.  As adults we think we are mature, but think of all the junk we put in our mouths as adults… too much sugar, too much salt, high cholesterol, to many calories.  Maybe we should be more like children and pay more attention  to  what we’re eating.

Osten Aune



This was the "Kid's Table!"
Animal Crackers are in the far-right bear cookie jar!

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