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Begin Again

You can’t always start over…

But you can always begin again!


 This “Begin Again page was inspired by Shelly Niebur’s  Spiritual Yoga class  spiritual lecture lesson and class notes from her given at Arapaho United Methodist Church in Richardson, Texas.  Without her input; this page would not exist!


Shelly Niebur with Spiritual Yoga often reminds us to “Begin Again” when we fall out of “the Bird pose,” variation of Warrior 3 pose.  As with any yoga pose when you fall-out… you can always begin again!  On many of the balancing poses it is not so much a matter of strength, but a matter on focus and concentration.  Even the strongest muscle builder will fall out of a pose without focus.  And remember that yoga exercises the mind as well as the body!

Some days will be better than others. On some days you will even surprise yourself when you hold a pose for a good length of time for your personal best.   

When we fall out of a pose we don’t need to judge it or compare our stamina with another; Remember you're not in a competition with anyone!  

In fact training our mind to Begin Again is a vital part of our practice.   After practicing for a while, we begin to learn that the biggest obstacle to our practice of yoga and meditation is most often our own minds. 

And one of the tricks of the mind is, that it thinks,     “well I’ve not been able to do this “right” or “perfectly” I’m going to (give up) stop the practice.  By the way the mind will try to do this with almost anything… not just yoga/meditation. 

Because we are human, we are not perfect, because we ALL make Mistakes!  Sometimes we’re lazy, sometimes we’re tired, and sometimes we just don’t feel good.  MOST OFTEN what is most skillful is instead of making a big issue out of it, we just need to Begin Again!

Begin Again cultivates an inner patience, inner peace, and leads to emotional stability.  There is freedom, hope, and forgiveness in Begin Again.

We are always Beginning Again

Every time we do a posture,

Every time we meditate,

And every time we take a breath.


We never say I’m finished” – “I have arrived.”

Nothing ever happens “next”

It all happens “NOW!”


We should always have a “beginner’s mind.”

Start where you are and Begin Again!

Before engaging in any sort of exercise program,
including yoga of any type or variety, 
people with any sort of cardiovascular condition
including high blood pressure should consult their physician.

The Effects of Yoga on High Blood Pressure

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