"Curse or Blessing"
We make the Choice!

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"Curse or Blessing?"


I have worked over 30 years as Boocoos the Clown. I had just finished a long day clowning at “A Day Out with Thomas” in Grapevine, Texas.  It was the second day of a 3-day 8+hours day. When I was finished I was exhausted and tired and couldn’t wait to get home and rest.

After my 1-hour drive home in traffic I finally reached my apartment complex and drove in. As I drove in the neighborhood kids recognized my car and myself, waved and started to run and ride their bikes as fast as they could to follow me home.

At first when I saw ALL of the kids in my rearview mirror chasing me I dreaded the thought of making ALL of the kids’ balloons.  The kids were custom to getting balloons from Boocoos. Sometimes kids would knock on our door to get a balloon!

 I was dead tired and just wanted to go inside and rest.  The children would have been a “Curse” if I had to give them balloons begrudgingly.

I really didn’t want to say “NO!” and disappoint them. And then it came to me: The children following me; were the children a “Curse or a Blessing?”  I knew that the answer was up to me.  I decided that children joyfully, happily following me was NOT a curse but a BLESSING!  (There are far more worse things in life than being chased by children wanting balloons!)

So when I got home the kids helped me get all of my stuff upstairs and then I made them all balloons of their choice on our landing. It only took a few more minutes, I was still tired, but truly I was glad that I did it, for the kids are a BLESSING!

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