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Bible Basics...
Layers of Understanding

Dedicated to my wife Jo,
my daughters,
and to all of my Grandchildren,
and to my Great-Grandchildren
and to the reconciliation of my family.

In Loving Memory of:

Stewart M. Place
August 21, 1926 – February 28, 2001

Gary L. White
June 29, 1950 – April 22, 2001

Clyde A. Shaw
November 5, 1915 – April 7, 2002

* Stewart Place and his wife Betty introduced themselves to my wife and myself on our first visit to PHPC and were instrumental in my decision to return to PHPC.

* Gary White and his wife Teresa were in my Disciple 1 class. Gary died toward the end of our Disciple 1 Class and Gary truly became the lesson in faith, love, grace, and courage.

* Clyde Shaw member of the congregation was an inspiration to have known him.

* Interred at the Columbarium at PHPC

Special Thanks to:

Audrey Romasco
A Gifted Disciple Teacher and Person

Dorothy Harrison
A lifelong friend of my mother. She has loved me with steadfast unconditional love; all of my life. She is my mother in Christ!

Carolyn Moore
Dedicated to the loving memory of Carolyn Moore member of the congregation; she is an inspiration of diligently following God.

John West, his wife Joyce, and his family.
John West is a man of deep-rooted faith. His close walk with God is an inspiration to me. When persecution and tragedy are upon him his faith does not wither and die... He just prays for strength and grows his Roots of Faith deeper in Jesus Christ.

Olyn Howser
Dedicated to the loving memory of Olyn Howser. Olyn is such a joyful servant of God, joyfully serving and following God, he is a great inspiration.

Patsy Moore
Dedicated to the loving memory of Patsy Moore who has been such an example of walking humbly with God, cheerfully and obediently serving God as a “good and faithful servant” and steward working tirelessly against all obstacles.

Special thanks to Jim Spence.
Jim has been my best friend for over 30 years. Jim has always generously helped me in every task I have ever undertaken; from t-shirts to clowning and balloons, from computer support to helping me with this book. I will always be grateful to my best friend Jim.

Rhonda Gillespie
If it were not for Rhonda and her little dog Zeke, Bible Basics... Layers of Understanding would not be on the Internet!

The congregation of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church inspired me to start writing “Witness.”

The congregation of Northgate United Methodist Church inspired me not to stop, not to quit, and empowered me to finish “Witness.”

Unfortunately there is no way that I can actually mention all of the people that I am grateful too. There are too many people that have been a blessing in my life. I may fail to mention their names on this Dedication page, But GOD KNOWS THEIR NAMES!

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