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Blueprint for Victorious Living is meant for the person who truly desires a deeper walk with God. The Bible gives specific instructions about how we are to live as Christians. A blueprint is a plan for building something. There are no extras or fluff, just exact details that the builder must follow in order to complete the building. The Bible gives an exact blueprint for living victoriously. You must make the choice to follow its directions.

The Who God Is Blog is written with the intent of showing Who God Really Is. He is a God who is relevant to the world in which you live, who loves you more than you can imagine, and who wants to meet your every need. There is nothing that is too big or too impossible for Him to accomplish in your life. Trust Him and see what great things He can accomplish through you.

Christianity Connection Christianity Connection is a site where an average person can come and learn about God, Jesus, and what Christian life is all about. You can also submit a Prayer Request or Ask Alli a question.

Christianity of God. Christianity, Not mine or yours, but God's.

Faithful Cross at

Grace Incarnate Ministries by Dr. Greg Neal Grace Upon Grace by Dr. Gregory S. Neal is an extraordinary look at grace.

Ken Collin’s web site

Practical Discipleship visit at
I started this web site because:
1. I believe God wanted me to.
2. I believe there are a lot of frustrated followers of the Lord Jesus Christ in this world.
3. I believe discipleship is pretty simple, AND pretty hard.
4. I believe people need to be taught, encouraged, and helped to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

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