Modern Day Pharisees

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Before we begin with the poem "Modern Day Pharisees"
we need to take a closer look...
Not all of the Pharisees were bad!

Good Pharisees?

When you think of the word “Pharisee” what immediately comes to your mind? Probably nothing good. So why learn about the Pharisees?

It is the purpose of this Hoshana Rabbah brief study to accomplish several objectives in the mind of the reader. It is hoped that some of the pejorative and prejudicial views about the Pharisees that exists in the minds of many individuals will cease in light of biblical and historical facts. In light of a more balanced and informed view of the subject, it is hoped that one will have a better understanding and appreciation of the cultural and religious context in which our Savior Yeshua the Messiah, Paul and the other first century believers operated. And finally, it is hoped that the reader, upon realizing that there existed many good and non-hypocritical Pharisees (including the Apostle Paul himself), and that as they were the progenitors of modern rabbinic Judaism the reader will gain not only a more balanced but even a congenial attitude toward modern Judaism.

Brad Young in his book, Jesus the Jewish Theologian says, “Unfortunately, the image of the Pharisee in modern usage is seldom if ever positive. Such a negative characterization of Pharisaism distorts our view of Judaism and the beginnings of Christianity.

Little recognition is given to the Pharisees and their contribution to religious thought. For example, we Christian scholars accept the fact that the Pharisees built a foundation for later rabbinic Judaism but downplay their influence upon Christian theology. But the theology of [Yeshua] is Jewish and is built firmly upon the foundations of Pharisaic thought.

The Pharisees’ strong beliefs, spanning from the doctrine of God to the resurrection of the dead, have influenced Christian belief in a much greater measure than is commonly recognized. Theologically, the early Christians were very close to the Pharisees.

The Pharisee in Bible times have received a bad rap for their (the Illegitimate corrupt government which was installed by conquering Rome.) participation. It is a story of how a few “bad-rotten apples” gave all Pharisees an undeserved bad name and reputation.

After Jerusalem was conquered by Rome the Roman Empire set-up their own puppet rulers to govern, collect taxes, and keep rebellion squashed.

The Jewish Rulers, Priest, Leaders were an illegitimate corrupt government set up by Rome. The Jewish Priestly Rulers were placed into power by Rome. These Jewish Priestly Rulers installed by Rome were collaborators with the Roman officials. If a Jewish Ruler did not comply with the whims of Rome they would simply be replaced with another more compliant Jewish Priestly Ruler. Many of these illegitimate Rulers worked hard to keep their power, authority, status, wealth, and position (Just like some people do today!)

The Jewish Roman collaborator-Rulers were NOT a representation of Judaism – The Jewish Roman collaborator-Rulers were the representation of the Roman Empire: NOT a representation of the Jewish people!

It is this illegitimate, corrupt, collaborating Jewish Ruler’s government, which persecuted and crucified Jesus Christ…. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the will of Rome; NOT the will of the common Jewish people. The Jewish people had no say in the persecution and death of Jesus Christ. Jesus was killed By the Powers that be of their time.

The Pharisees get a bum wrap. Think about it for a moment. Preachers vilify them in sermons, Christians point out their legalistic ways, and everyone remembers their fierce opposition to Jesus and persecution of early Christians. Essentially, they’re the all-around bad guys of the New Testament. But were they really that bad? Could we be overdoing it? Let’s take a closer look...

Where did the Pharisees Go Wrong?

"Where did the Pharisees go Wrong"
This is a very good (short) MUST READ!

Modern Day (illigitimate-corrupt ruler installed by Rome) Pharisees

Modern Day Pharisees

Every time we stick our nose up in the air in arrogance at other people; we may look righteous, like we are looking up to heaven,
but God is not fooled. God knows our hearts.

If we claim we are without sin; we deceive ourselves,
we are modern day Pharisees.

Every time we look down upon people and place ourselves
on a self-righteous pedestal; and

Every time we do not see the value in each man, woman, or child
we are modern day Pharisees.

Every time we think we do more than others,
Every time we think our gifts and talents are greater than others;

Every time we are prideful, our gifts, our sacrifices
are not acceptable to God.

Every time our pride comes before God;

we are modern day Pharisees.

Every time we ask Christ, “Who is the Greatest?”

Every time we want to have the greatest most important seat at the table;

Every time we want to wrap ourselves in robes of glory before others;
we are modern day Pharisees.

Every time we treat fellow believers or non-believers with harsh, judgmental, vindictive words
we are not followers of God’s WORD.

Every time we do not encourage and support fellow believers in their ministry and their mission;
we are modern day Pharisees.

Help us dear Lord to be your people. You taught us to “love one another as Jesus Christ loved us.” When you washed your disciples feet you showed us that there is no greater love than to love one another and to be a servant to one another. Jesus Christ laid down His life for us, to save us from our sins. Help us dear Lord, to give ourselves to you and to others as a holy living sacrifice for your Glory; not ours. Let us always remember that every time we approach God; we come to God with empty hands.


I am sorry now that I wrote "Modern Day Pharisees." When I wrote it I was prejudiced and uninformed. After more examination, study, facts, and learning. I am sorry that I have used the word "Pharisee" is such a negative derogatory narrative.
Now instead of “Pharisee” we can use other words: Modern Day Self-Righteous! Modern Day Hypocrite! You can fill in the blank: Modern Day _________________________.

What opened up my eyes:
Understanding of the Pharisees was taught by Rev. Jack Soper, Senior Pastor of Arapaho United Methodist Church Richardson, TX Sunday School Class.

Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector


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Modern Day Pharisees is a part of New Psalms: “Strange Songs, Sad Songs, I don’t know where they belong” and also part of Imperfect Christians