Patsy Moore

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In Loving Memory of Patsy Moore

Good Morning! My name is Sela Flowers. I’m here today to share a message about stewardship. Stewardship is a big word that can be a little bit overwhelming, but when you think about it, it’s very simple. It’s using all the gifts that God has given us to give glory to Him and to do His work. It’s basically giving back to God what He has already given to us. Another way of saying it – is - it’s keeping the promise we made when we were baptized to faithfully support our church’s ministries through our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service.

God gave us the perfect example of stewardship when he sent His Son Jesus to live among us, to die on the cross, and to rise on the third day. That was the ultimate gift. But He also gave us special people in our lives that inspire us day to day with their acts of stewardship.

Today, I’d like to share with you my family’s memories of a special person whose life exemplified what it means to be a good steward at Northgate. Many years ago, she invited my mom and dad to attend Northgate on ‘Bring a Friend Sunday’. Our lives were never the same. What a simple act – inviting someone to attend service – but what an impact that made. Through the years, she tirelessly worked to further the ministries of Northgate.

I remember going to Great Escape. That was a program she created that allowed parents at Northgate to have a special night out with low babysitting costs. It also gave us kids a chance to get to know each other outside of church services and have fun.

I remember helping her flower the cross at Easter, sometimes when it was cold and rainy outside.

I remember helping her decorate the church sanctuaries at Christmas with poinsettias and at Easter with Easter lilies.

I remember watching her on Sundays sing in the choir then stay after service to count money.

I remember her visiting those who were first time visitors to Northgate.

I remember her tracking attendance at Sunday services and calling those who missed several Sundays to make sure they were ok.

I remember her cleaning houses and doing laundry for church members who were sick.

I remember her teaching Sunday School and VBS and volunteering at Back To School.

I remember her working the flea market and the Pumpkin Patch.

I remember her going to UMW meetings and participating in the many activities they sponsored. I especially remember her helping at the silent and live auctions that happen each November.

I remember her looking forward to fellowship in the Silver Sages group.

I remember her making sure there were envelopes for the Sunday School classes so that the kids would know it was important to support the church with their pennies, nickels and dimes.

I remember her always going to church meetings. I often wondered if she served on every committee at Northgate. If not, I bet there weren’t many she missed. I also wondered how she had so much energy to do all the things she did.

Finally, I remember her being sick in the hospital and asking my mom to bring her files so she could continue her church work.

To many of you, she was ‘Pat’. To others, she was ‘Patsy’. To our family, she was ‘Mamaw Pat’. We loved her very much!

She gave so generously of her prayers, her presence, her gifts and her service. And we have all benefited in so many ways by her acts of service. In the weeks ahead, may we be inspired by her ministry and listen for God’s voice as He calls each of us to be good stewards at Northgate.

The Legacy of Patsy Moore

The Flowering Cross Kids 2011
Katie Johnson center, Sela Flowers right

Patsy would be/IS so proud of these kids picking up her slack and following in her footsteps!

Patsy Moore with Osten Aune Easter Sunday.

It was such a blessing to know Patsy Moore. Anyone who ever worked with Patsy Moore will tell you that you had to “RUN” to keep up with her! It was always an honor to work with Patsy Moore. It was an honor just to walk next to her and to walk in her shadow!

Patsy working with the red balloons for Pentecost celebration!

Patsy Moore was a part of every Season of the Church. She truly loved her Northgate U.M.C. family. She also loved her nursing students. She didn't just teach; she also spent many countless hours "nuturing" these nursing students!

And of course Patsy was very involved working with the Lions Club; again work tirelessly for people with blindness and eyesight problems!

There is no complete list of all the things Patsy did. She did too many. Counting her good deeds would be like counting grains of sand.

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