T-N-R-Trap Neuter Return

This is a story about T-N-R Trap Neuter Return
from a cats point of view!

For a cat "Trap-Neuter-Return"
is their version of being Abducted by Aliens!

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O, heavenly Father,
protect and bless all things
that have breath;
guard them from all evil,
and let them sleep in peace.

By Albert Schweitzer


TRAP the cat in a well monitored cage/trap. NEUTER take cat to a low cost or free animal neutering clinic veterinary. RETURN & RELEASE the cat to the same area where the cat was captured.

Why Return?

If you are trapping and then taking the cats to a shelter the cats will be euthanized! Another feral cat will take the place of the cat you just had killed at the shelter. This new feral cat may be sick and will reproduce!

When you Return a neutered/spayed cat they will NOT REPRODUCE more litters of kittens! The neutered/spayed cat will be a healthier cat.

When you Trap Neuter & Return neutered/spayed cats you have a smaller, healthier feral cat population that does NOT REPRODUCE more litters of kittens.

Trap Neuter Return is more humane and compassionate way to deal with feral cat populations.

T-N-R Trap Neuter Return:
A cats point of view.

"Cat Abducted by Aliens!"

Written by Osten Aune

Hello my name is “Tabby” and I have been living on the street for as long as I can remember; ever since I was a little kitten. I am pretty street-smart but you won’t believe what happened to me the other night! I was abducted by Aliens!!! I was cat-kid-napped by those humans!

I was just swaggering down the street. “Tom Cat” was trying to get my attention but I completely ignored him. I was walking along, I’ve been doing some dumpster diving… you know, the usual looking for some food scraps. The garbage picking’s didn’t have much too offer; nothing on today’s menu!

But then I went around the corner and I could smell it immediately, “Seafood Supper” my fav-or-ite! I couldn’t believe it though… there was some kind of a force-field, a barrier, a fence all around this delicious dinner. I looked all around, I even jumped on top of the container, and then finally I found an opening. Something didn’t feel just right. Something seemed “fishy” about this whole thing… but there it was. “Seafood Supper!”

I cautiously looked around. There was no one around. It looked safe. No other cats to fight off for this delicacy. I slowly went in… But before I could even take one bite of my dinner, I heard this crashing sound – a door slammed closed behind me. I was scared! I was trapped! But I was starving so I quickly ate my “Seafood Supper” (I was literally starving) and then I was going to try to figure out how to get out of this mess. What had I stepped into?

And then… Oh NO! It was one of those huge bi-ped people human creatures! This creature seemed to enjoy my sad trapped predicament; they just smiled....

Then the creature picked up the whole container. And then, this is really awful. They actually put me into one of their spaceships, one of those killer four-wheel cars that speed up and down the street. I can’t tell you how many of my friends and family have been run over and killed by these cars. I once had a friend hit by a car. He managed to run off but sadly, he died days later in the bushes, and now here I am actually trapped in one of these killing monstrosities!

They placed me in some kind of captive quarters in back. And then there was this roaring motor sound, and then it took off to who knows where. I couldn’t see but I could tell that we were traveling at the speed of light I think.

Then we arrived somewhere and the spaceship car landed and stopped. They took me into a scary room with weird lights. They put my prison on some kind of operating table. I’m really scared. I growl and hiss but the Aliens pay no attention.

And then… and then… count back from 100. 99 – 98- 97- 96…. Before I knew it the lights went out. I think they drugged me… I went to sleep. Now what is really scary… from this time on, “I don’t remember a thing!”

Now what is really weird is when I woke up, I was back in the bushes close to where I was originally abducted! Unbelievable! I was real groggy. What had happened? I thought I was OK but then I noticed that they had shaved my stomach! And there was some kind of zipper on my stomach! Later I discovered that they cut off the tip of my left ear!* Now why would anyone do that to a cat? It didn’t hurt but I sure felt kinda weak... and hungry. And there it was! “Seafood Supper,” a bowl of fresh clean water, and a blanket!

I know that this story seems unbelievable… but it’s true! I ate the food, had a drink (my throat was real dry), and licked my wounds.

Be careful! Be careful my cat friends, this could happen to you! Someday when I have kittens...*** I’ll have to tell them this story… they won’t believe it!

***The cat will never know or understand what you have done for them:
· Neuter/Spay so that they will never produce any kittens!
· Given Vaccines & Immunizations
· Rabies Shots
· Checked for Leukemia
· Checked for other Diseases
· Checked for Worms & Parasites

The cat will never say “Thank You” and what a “Blessing” you have been!

You are Blessed
When you are a Blessing to Others!

*Veterinarians when they neuter a feral cat they clip off the tip of the cat’s left ear to easily identify a feral cat that has already been neutered. This saves you and the cat the trauma of being trapped and going to the vet for no reason!

So if you trap a cat and the left ear is clipped you know that the cat is already neutered and you can release the cat unless if you think the cat is sick or injured. It is better to take a sick or injured cat to the animal shelter for humane euthanasia, rather than have the cat die of starvation, illness, or injury. Not an easy choice to make; but the best choice to make!

· In seven years, one female cat, and her offspring,
can yield 420,000 cats!

· Less that 1/3 of all cats brought into shelters
ever find a home!

· Chances are if the cat is over 6 months old
and hasn’t had a litter in the last 4 weeks,
she will soon!

Remember that feral cats have no choice in the circumstances they find themselves in. They are either abandoned or lost cats who have not been spayed or neutered and, left to fend for themselves, have reverted to a feral state. These cats continue to reproduce to form even larger feral colonies. A feral cat will likely never be anyone’s domesticated pet. But this does not mean that he does not deserve to live.

One common misconception many people have is that if these cats are trapped and taken to a shelter, homes can be found for them. Thousands of tame cats are put to sleep each day in shelters everywhere, and since feral cats cannot even be handled, they have absolutely no chance of survival in shelters. It is possible to domesticate feral cats but it takes much time, training, patience, and a whole lot of love!

City and Country Pets Magazine

Are You Feeding a Stray Cat?
By Elizabeth Miller
Sources: National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy Shelter Statistics Survey 1994-1997.
National Animal Control Association Statistical Survey.

YouTube Video: Find Me

"My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt."
- Anna Sewell.

Are you a sharer in the guilt? Do you see no evil, hear no evil and then speak no evil? Until we, as a society, stop objectifying companion animals and stop treating them as a disposable commodity, we are all sharers in the guilt. We're better than this. Do something!
- Anna Sewell

Procrastination is the Problem!
Procrastination is the Enemy!

When it comes to feral cats the longer you procrastinate -- the larger and more widespread the problem becomes!

The older a feral kitten becomes the harder it is to domesticate and tame the kitten!

The older a feral kitten becomes your chances of successfully domesticating the kitten dramatically decreases!

If you catch feral kittens too early they are more susceptible to disease and may die. If you catch feral kittens too late they may be near impossible to domesticate. There is just a small window of opprotunity! Do not procrastinate!

Feral Cats are a Man-Made Problem!
and People (YOU) are the Solution!

Feral cats are a man-made problem of people not taking responsibility for their pets (not neutering or spaying their pets) and from neglect, abuse, and abandonment dogs and cats through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless, abandoned, and frightened!

Doing Nothing is Not the Answer!
Are YOU part of the Solution?
Or are you part of the Problem?

Personally, unfortunately I have not always have been a part of the Solution. In the past I have been a part of the Problem – Not getting our pet cats neutered! Just taking the kittens to the animal Shelter for adoption is NOT solving the problem… it is just adding to the Problem!!!

Less than 1/3 of all cats taken to Animal Shelters
Do NOT Find a Home!

Yes, those cut cuddly kittens you just brought into the Animal Shelter probably did get adopted – But NOT the adult cat that has been waiting for weeks to find a new home! This adult cat may now never be adopted and may never find a loving and caring home!

Most Animal shelters cannot adopt out all of the domestic, tame, cuddly, and loveable cats that they have now! Again Less than 1/3 of all cats taken to Animal Shelters Do NOT Find a Home!

After you trap and bring a feral kitten into an Animal Shelter – the kitten is for all pretense and purposes a “Wild Animal” from the lack of socialization with people. This terrified kitten looks at you as a predator that wants to kill it! The kitten bites and scratches; the kitten is fighting for it’s life! At this point the kitten is dangerous to children and adults, and even other pets!

The Animal shelter now has to “evaluate” the kitten's adoptability; the kitten bites, scratches, it cannot even be picked up or touched without being bit and scratched. How would YOU evaluate the kitten for adoption? UNACCEPTABLE!

It takes love, patience, time, care, socialization, and much more to domesticate a feral kitten; 2 to 6 weeks or more depending on the age of the kitten and its circumstances.

It is a Difficult Job
But NOT an Impossible Job
To Tame Feral Kittens!

Unfortunately most Animal Shelters, which are under funded, do NOT have the room (too many already domestic cats) the resources, or the trained staff and volunteers to rehabilitate feral kittens.

If you want to attempt to domesticate feral kittens it takes a real commitment. Know what you are getting into! Please read the following article from the Feral Cat Coalition and How to Trap a Feral Cat

An Adult feral cat is near impossible to domesticate and tame. T-N-R Trap Neuter Return is the most humane way to care for adult feral cats. There are even feral cat placement sites: Barn Yard Cats and Alley Cat organizations.

Most feral cat advocates will tell you that feral cats have “No Chance” of being adopted and that soon after evaluation they will be found unacceptable for adoption and will be euthanized. – Probably in most cases this is correct!

I may not like the outcome but I can’t blame the Animal Shelter.

They do what they can
With what they have
Right Now!

Animal Shelter’s try to adopt out as many healthy and suitable for adoption animals that they possibly can with limited funding, resources, trained staff, and volunteers.

Maybe YOU should consider Volunteering your time, your gifts and talents, your money to an Animal Shelter in your area!!! Stop Procrastinating!

How Big is the Problem?

How many litters can a cat have?
The gestation period for a cat is about 65 days. The mothers wean their babies at about 4 to 6 weeks of age. This is when you hopefully want to trap feral kittens. Cats can have up to 4-5 litters per year with an average of 4-6 kittens, but often have more. Conservativly that is 16 to 20 kittens per year!

Not All Animal "No Kill" Shelters are equal!

Not all Animal Shelters are equal! Some shelters really do their best to socialize, domesticate, and tame feral kittens. The Richardson Animal Shelter does not automatically euthanize feral kittens. They work with the kittens; they do their best to socialize them.

Three feral kittens taken to a "No Kill Shelter."

The Shelter gave me no false guarantee but assures me that they will do their best to adopt out the kittens. But now the kittens have a chance; there is Hope for these kittens! And there are people willing to adopt feral kittens to tame for their household pet. I will continue to pray for these kittens to find a loving home.

Ask the Animal Shelter if you have any questions on their Adoption criteria, Evaluation requirements, and the Euthanasia protocols of animals.

YouTube Video: Never Say Never
America has a feral cat crisis. Learn about some of the myths and truths associated with feral cats and how to help them. TNR - Trap, Neuter and Return is the proven, humane solution to a problem that we created.

A Prayer for Animals

By Albert Schweitzer

Hear our humble prayer, O God,
for our friends the animals,
especially for those who are suffering;
for any that are hunted or lost
or deserted or frightened or hungry;
for all that must be put to sleep.

We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity,
and for those who deal with them
we ask a heart of compassion
and gentle hands and kindly words.
Make us be true friends to animals
and so to share the blessings of the merciful.

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