Ten Selfless Precepts

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The Ten Selfless Precepts are not of a Christian tradition, but are of a Buddhist tradition.  It is good to be aware of other traditions.  For me personally the Ten Selfless Precepts help me to explore and examine my Christian faith more deeply.  Understanding and practicing the Ten Selfless Precepts will do a Christian no harm; but may lead you to a deeper understanding of your own faith.  eoa  


By respecting the differences in our own church
And seeing how these differences 
enrich each one another. 
We are more open to appreciating
the richness and diversity of other traditions. 
In a true dialogue, both sides are willing to change.

Thich Nhat Hahn


Ten Selfless Precepts

 1.  RESPONSIBILITY: To take responsibility for my life.  Not to blame others for my own unhappiness, nor make excuses for my own mistakes.

 2.  SELF-DISCIPLINE: To regard each moment as a  precious opportunity for spiritual practice.  Not to waste time in frivolous pursuits, nor over indulge in alcohol or escapist entertainments.

 3.    HARMLESSNESS: Not to injure or kill any being heedlessly or needlessly.

 4.    STEARDSHIP: Not to waste the resources upon which other beings depend.

 5.  HONESTY:  Not to deceive myself or others by word or deed.

 6.  INTEGRITY:  Not to take what does not belong to me.

 7.  HONOR:  To regard my word as sacred; not to give it lightly but once given, strive to honor it under all circumstances.

 8.  SEXUAL RESTRAINT:  To make of sex a sacrament; not to profane it in the pursuit of selfish ends.

 9. CHARITY:  Not to be possessive of people or things, but to give unsparingly of my assets, both material and spiritual, for the alleviation of suffering.

 10.  REMEMBRANCE:  To recite these precepts once a day, renewing my vows and remembering this path which I have freely chosen.

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