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I just finished reading the NIV Bible on May 24, 2006 at 11:05 PM I do not know what the significance is of finishing the reading at this time is but I know that it is significant. The timing is somehow meaningful???

The significance of reading the Bible cannot be overstated. The Word, the Truth, the Way, Christ; what a wonderful blessing it is to have the Word and to have read it! My next thoughts are where to begin again; which version, other text: 90 Minutes in Heaven, If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, When Bad Christians Happen to Good People – O’ to have the ability to read faster! One option is to get an audio version of the Bible to listen to!

Part of the significance of finishing the Bible reading (that only took two years) is that Bible Basics has just two more weeks to go; Bible Basics too is almost finished; hopefully to return in the fall but this is not a guarantee – we shall see – whatever God’s Plan is I hope I do it!

I wonder (ponder) that finishing reading the Bible and finishing Bible Basics is Not a finishing, not an ending, but A New Beginning! This I think is most likely.

Reading the Bible once does not make me a scholar with great insight or makes me any better than anybody else. But completing the reading of the Bible is a significant thing that I have done in my life that cannot be taken away from me! In my life I have not done many really significant things. I owned a business, a home; I’ve had eight grandchildren, all of which have been taken from me. Significant things that I have done; getting married and having children; I feel that I would have been a better husband, father, and grandfather if I had known Christ in my earlier years! Not knowing Christ from my childhood is my only real regret in life. We have nearly completed Bible Basics and I have for only the first time, but not the last time, have finished reading the Bible. God has blessed me and has given me much by the grace of God. To whom much has been given much will be asked. God has given me much and I do not shy away from the responsibility given to love God and one another, me to share the gospels, and I know what a blessing it is to be a blessing to others. I thank God for all of the grace given to me.

I just pray for God’s continued everlasting love. I pray to better understand and for the gift of discernment. I pray that God will clearly let me know His will that I may be obedient and to serve Him. God has given me much, but I pray for even more; I pray for yet still a closer relationship with God and to serve Him.

In Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen.

Grace from God,


I may have just figured it out! It’s not so much about what I have done (completed reading the Bible); it is more about what I do with it! How does the Bible say, “blessed are you if you know these things; blessed are you if you do these things.”

I have been forgiven much.
I have been loved much.
I have been given much.

And what I have been given I want to share; to share the Word of God, to share Jesus the Christ, to share the gospels, and to share in the community of faith and to bring as many unbelievers as possible the Word of God.

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